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Auchmuty Allotments

Auchmuty Allotments are owned and managed by Fife Council and is one of the smaller sites.  As well as 8 individual plots there is a community plot managed by Community Learning and Development.

Over the years the community plot has provided a growing space for scouts, young carers and supported employment services.


If you are interested in becoming a plot holder on any of the Fife Council sites please visit Fife Direct. 

The Community Plot

This year we are working with FIRST at the allotment, what a wet summer it has been so far, we were a bit late in planting this year and we were hoping for some sunshine to boost the plants.  So far we had a fair crop of raspberries and raddishes.  The pigeons enjoyed the cabbage we planted so they have been covered in fleece to encourage new growth. 



New bark on the paths August 2017.

New bark on the paths August 2017.

Crops growing slow this year. August 2017.

Wildflower daisies, the bees are liking them. 

Parsnips, cabbage, carrots and raddish, the raddishes have been harvested weekly. 


Red cabbage



The one and only pumpkin that grew

Chive and sage flowers

Another view of the pumpkin


Broadbean flowers

Raspberry canes in the autumn

Beds covered for the winter

Onions drying on the shed

Another bed covered for the winter


For information and photos from 2016 click here. 


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